Fallen Saga

Fallen ✔ 28/01/2017 

☐ Torment

☐ Passion

☐ Rapture

☐ Unforgiven 


Misaeng (미생)

  • What do you think the life is? You think it’s a big queston? It’s simple. A collection of your choices is your life. The choices you make in each moment makes up the quality of your life.


  • Try to survive. You have to endure to survive here, and to survive means that you need to figure out how to live a complete life by whatever means possible. Surviving means going towards a complete life. We’re all still incomplete lives.


  • Does ignoring something that’s right make things more simple?
    I don’t know what it is, but what does gender have to do with what’s right? What’s right has something to do with your conscience. Regarding conscience, everyone has one. It’s just a matter of whether you don’t act even if you know, or you act because you know.


  • If you want to accomplish something, health should be your priority. The reason you lag towards the end, the reason you recover slowly from damage, and the reason a mistake affects you for so long, are all because your health is not at its best. When you’re unhealthy, you want to be comfortable and you lose patience. Then you become so tired, you don’t care about victories or success anymore. If you want to win, your body should be able to withstand the challenges. Will power is nothing much without your physical health.


  • In go, when you lose in a move to prevent a tie, you wonder what all the moves were for. Even if you win in a small battle or war, if you end up losing n the end, everything seemed useless. If you win by a move to prevent a tie, you can see a different world. You are grateful to all the stones in the war that enabled you to make that important move and claim victory. Each and every move seems precious to you. Doing your best in every moment makes that important move and consequent victory possible. If you forget the significance of each moment, you lose sight of the whole game. When did you start losing those moments?


  • Just because you forget a dream, doesn’t mean that it stopped existing. In the same way, just because you don’t see the road, doesn’t mean the road doesn’t exist.


  • Two roads
    diverged in a wood, and I —
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.


  • Be absorbed. You should always be absorbed. It all depends on that. That’s the only issue. In order to feel the weight of time that makes you slump over, you must always be absorbed. But absorbed in what? Either alcohol, poetry or virtue. That’s up to you. But anyway, be absorbed. And at times on top of a palace stairway, or on the green meadow beside a ditch, or in your depressing room, you wake up. When you’re not absorbed anymore, ask. Ask the breeze, water, stars, birds, or clock. As everything that passes by. Ask everything that is sorrowful. Ask everything that runs by. Ask everything that sings. Ask everything that talks, ask what time it is… Then the breeze, water, stars, birds and clock… will answer you. It’s time to be absorbed.